How to change the name of a note

What is the proper way to change the name of a note such that all the links in other notes are maintained properly?

Change the title? Or change the file name?
Probably this previous exchange helps?

I guess I need to change both (according to the link you provided).

Try it and see how you go :slight_smile:

As far as I know, you shouldn’t need to change the filename; changing the title should be sufficient.

It seems like you are right. I just changed the title (without changing the filename), and everything seems to work as wanted.

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Happy that you got a solution you were looking for. I wasn’t sure by “change the name of a note” you meant title change or file name change.

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Yeah, the titles dominate the file names. Filenames can be any random string of characters, as long as they’re unique it won’t matter. If sticking to a single title feels onerous, remember that there’s also the ALIAS property.