How do you create a note that partially matches the name of an existing note?

For example, I’d like to use org-roam-find-file to create a note about Spaced Repetition, but I have an existing note about Spaced Repetition with Org-mode. Instead of creating the new note, it matches the existing one and opens it:

Is there a better approach to this?

I don’t know all the ways different completion tools do this, but ivy has ivy-immediate-done which in Doom (and I think spacemacs also) is bound to C-M-j. It will use whatever you have entered instead of matching.

You should be able to press the arrow-up symbol, to select the “1 File: Spaced Repetition” line and hit Enter. At least this is what I do, but it might not be the most emacs-way :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s what I needed. Thank you. I should have tried that!

My hackier solution is that I postfix with a character that is removed from the filename, ^, and then remove the character from the generated title and link (if I am inserting a new link).

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Not sure if it’s correct, but Alt + Enter works for me.