Have org-roam-complete-everywhere insert id: rather than roam: links?

I am under the impression that standardizing my workflow to exclusively use ID links to headlines and files is the most flexible. With that idea in mind, when I am typing and am given an opportunity to auto-complete a title, and have org-roam-prefer-id-links set to t, and the file I’m linking to starts with a property section with an ID property, I would like to have the auto-completed link be an ID link to that file rather than a roam: link.

What’s the best way to achieve that effect?

This is the default in the upcoming v2, so just stay tuned.

OK great, thank you. In the main v2 thread I have a followup question about how to get on v2 now as a Doomer.

Similar to the situation in the other thread where I asked why I am getting file: links instead of id: links for newly captured files, in which saving the files to disk was critical, even though autocomplete generates roam: links or me, when the save the file in which the roam: link appears, it is converted to an id: link automatically.

So, I already get the “v2” type of behavior even when on v1, as long as I am content to have to save files often to get the desired effect.