GPG key ask everytime


I’m new to org-roam and it seems a good fit for storing my information.
The last point I struggle with is that I need a way to encrypt my files (all or only some). I setup GPG and it works well, I can create and open files that are encrypted.

I have a problem when I create a new file: it asks me twice my GPG passphrase, everytime. It’s quite cumbersome…
When I open a file, it asks my passphrase once, but then gpg-agent get it right. But not on creation.
Is that a normal behavior? Or I miss some configuration?

Thank you in advance,

ps: sorry for my English…

I finally fix my problem. It was an epa configuration problem, not even linked to org-roam…
If someone is interested, without configuration emacs doesn’t use keys, but symmetrical encryption, so it asks password every time.
With the variable:
(setq epa-file-encrypt-to "xxx@yyy.zzz")
It uses the key specified for encrypting .gpg file.

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