General words of encouragement

Despite all my negative comments, I still have to marvel at the whole idea of an org-roam inside of Emacs. Think about it, you’ve “mocked up” a functioning sister project to the main Roam app inside Emacs. While Big Roam is no doubt a Javascript beast with untold lines of code and bother, org-roam in Emacs is some growing sub-set of BR’s capabilities, again, inside the Emacs environment. There really isn’t anything quite like this. To do a Roam sister any other way would be another one-off Python or Javascript death march.

Many thought the Java JVM would bring about this flexibility, likewise Python or even the smart phone platforms. But Emacs is its own user environment with its own programming language that can be used to create almost any computer experience. For that reason, I have to salute Emacs elisp developers, as well as evangelize for Emacs package development like org-roam. Again, there is no environment where so much can be “mocked up” so well as elisp package development in Emacs.

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