Finding nodes using multiple tags

As far as I’m aware, multiple tags can be searched but it is way too cumbersome. Wildcards can be used (*) to search for multiple tags but depends on the user knowing beforehand the order in which tags are added to org-db (tag order in completion entries are displayed in reverse order to tags in headings).

Tag searches should be orderless. It shouldn’t be necessary to search *#tag or *#here*#tag with the knowledge of the order in which tags are stored internally, in order to find some_node #here #are #the #tags. Have I been living under a rock and are there any solutions to this problem?

By the looks of how my Emacs and Org-roam behaves, this depends on completion-styles. I use Orderless and it appears I can search tags without caring about the sequence. I don’t have many tags so I could be wrong but it’s probably worth trying on your end.

It appears I have been living under a rock. Your solution works perfectly! Thank you so much.

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