Filtering by tags (aka do not show literature notes)

Hello everyone,

I have my literature notes in a folder named “refs” within my main org-roam folder.

I would like to avoid having these literature notes when using org-roam-insert or org-roam-find-file. I think it is possible to write a filtering function to exclude links with a specific tags (in this case the “refs” tag), but I am clueless about how to do it. Any help would be very welcomed.

Many thanks

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If you install ORB, we’ve implemented the commands orb-find-non-ref-file and orb-insert-non-ref which do exactly what you want.


Thanks! I am using ORB already, but didn’t know about these commands.

One of the rare times where I can actually say ‘it’s in the manual’: relevant section. :slight_smile:

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Yes… I should read the documentation before posting. :smile: