Decrease width of graph file

Hi; I’m using org-roam-graph to display the .svg file in a Firefox window. However, the resulting .svg file is so wide, and there’s no scroll bar on the bottom of the Firefox window, that I have to increase the width of the Firefox window until it’s wider than my desktop window.

Any suggestions on a solution are appreciated. Telling graphviz to somehow compress the width to a manageble size or somehow telling Firefox to put a scroll bar on the bottom seem good approaches, but I’m open to anything.


Have you tried org-roam-ui?

I would suggest to instruct Graphviz Dot to use the left-to-right layout (instead of top down by default). You can use the following configuration option to achieve this:

(setq org-roam-graph-extra-config '(("rankdir" . "LR")))
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