Can't get org-roam-graph to display in Firefox

Hi all,

I’m incredibly frustrated because I can’t get org-roam-graph to display the graph in Firefox. Instead, the text svg file is displayed in a buffer. I’m running the following:

OS: macOS (Big Sur)
Emacs: GNU Emacs 27.2
org-roam: 2.1.0

Any help will be much appreciated. I’ve searched this discourse, the org-roam docs, GitHub, reddit, etc.

Thank you!

Have a look at customising variable org-roam-graph-viewer. (part of the manual: Org-roam User Manual).

It is a path to the application. I don’t use macOS but I believe you should be able to find out how to correctly define a path to an application in Emacs for macOS.

Thank you for this suggestion. When I set the org-roam-graph-viewer variable to the path to Firefox (/Applications/, I get the following error:

Error in process sentinel: Executable not found: "/Applications/"

This looks to me to be the correct path because I can go there in Finder and run the app.

Judging from one of the answers in this StackExchange, I believe the path that Emacs would recognize is something like this:

/Applications/ is actually a “folder”; right click on it to choose the “contents” (or content) in the context menu to see the inside. There should be more files. I believe you would need to go deeper than (I believe this is how an application on macOS is bundled to look like a single app).

I am hoping that people using macOS can jump in to assist here.

This works for me (not sure how case-sensitive this really is):

(setq org-roam-graph-viewer "/Applications/")
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