Browse notes by some metric (word count)

I have used org roam since past 2 semester for note taking. Most of my notes are short and don’t have much content in it and most of the graph is sparse in terms of content.

From time to time, I want to clean my notes and restructure them and convert them into something concrete. I want to know how can I easily explore through the graph and filter out nodes by some measure “word count etc”, to help me work on notes which uncompleted.

Currently, I used links in notes to help me with. Whenever I need to work on something in a note, I add a link “Incomplete” to it and then go to “Incomplete” and find all back links.However, this is clumsy but make back links crowded.

I believe links are good for connecting notes and ideas, not for bookkeeping.

A cleaner approach would be to use tags.I am on V1, there is tag table in roam database but it seems empty in my case. I do have #+roam tags on some file but they don’t show up in database.

I would also like to categorize my notes by word count eg in “index file” .I don’t find straight forward way to do this by using information available database.

Is there any way to sort notes by word count?

How about going to your file system or Dired in Emacs, and sort files in org-roam-directory by file size?
That should give you a good indication how many words each contains rather easily.

As word count is not part of the cache, I don’t think there is an easy way to get precise word count and sort by it.

The simplest way is to use the unix tools already made available to you.

find . -name "*.org" -print0 | wc -w --files0-from=- | sort -n

Thanks for sharing.I will further refine it with awk /sed to generate Index file with word count.