Breaking up/splitting a note

Is there a pre-packaged function (or has someone written/know of a function) that splits off text from one org-roam note/file into a new one? The text to be sent off into a new file could be a mark-region or the node-at-point. If node, the new file would adopt title of node. If marked-region, a query is needed for new file’s title.


Only an idea (if I were you, I would consider in this line).

I don’t know of any pre-packaged function. I guess refile does not work for this purpose as you want to create a new file, not refiling to a specific existing file.

I’d go for a manual operation first. If I felt the need for a “shortcut” or automation, then I’d just string together the functions I use for the manual workflow.

Like this (for subtree):

  1. Move the point/cursor is to the top of subtree in question
  2. org-cut-subtree
  3. org-roam-find-file to create a new note with a certain capture template
  4. org-paste-subtree the content
  5. Manually copy and paste the heading title to file title

This sequence of manual operation does not look to be difficult to compose a custom function from; I guess just need a bit of thoughts into how Step 4 can be easily done.

For a marked region, the same principle can be applied. I would leave the title blank and make it manual process to enter one (perhaps you can move the point/cursor to it when designing an automation function).

If you put the text under a new headline first, then this might work.

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