A basic project workflow

Hey everyone,
I am working on a project for my MSc and I came up with the Emacs Conf series on YouTube and org-roam. I would like to ask, how should be a very basic workflow with org-roam for a research/project?

Some basic questions I have till now:

  • Do I have to put everything (papers, files, etc) into org-roam-directory (one file)?
  • Till now I am working with org-ref and org-bibtex, I read that org-roam uses them too, if I understood, do I need to change something else?

No, just the notes (org files).

It should interoperate nicely without affecting your current setup.

Cool, thank you for your reply!

What kind of research are you doing? Does it involves data analysis using R or Python, for example?

Yes, it does. I am working on linguistic biases in Wikipedia’s biographies. I am using IPython blocks.