Where and how do I store network links (URLs)?

I love using org-roam, thank you so much to all the developers!

In my work, I most often use regular URLs as a source of information.

Yes, I can insert a URL into some online resource, but I would like to store not only the URL, but also some of my comments to the link and probably some other keywords.

How do I better organize a link library for further use in org-roam?

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This is built into org-mode. In short, the link is written like this: [[http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/][GNU Emacs]]. It will appear as the second bracketed portion. Other locator types (e.g. files on disk) are similarly representable; see https://orgmode.org/manual/External-Links.html for details.

I know how to make internal and external links in org mode.

I see. So what do you wish you could do?

You can use #+roam_key: at the top of your file with the URL listed there.


Yes, I can use #+roam_key: in org-roam notes, but only for the URL.

And I would like to have a simple link organization that is similar to browser bookmarks. There I would write: URL, comments and keywords.

Now, I’ve arranged for bookmarks to be stored in one org file:

* link #1 to the external URL and possibly some words
  :CUSTOM_ID: h-fd2dl2r08ri0
my comments 1

* link #2 to an external URL and possibly a few words
  :CUSTOM_ID: h-fd3dl2r08ri0
my comments 2


And when I write notes in the org-roam file, I specify a link to the necessary CUSTOM_ID: