What you see is maybe not what there is

Playing around with org-roam I created a reference with org-protocol for this disourse-post:


Everything went fine, but the title looked a bit long so I tried to shorten it. At the end I managed to see:

#+title: How to to get Title of the target note working with inline autocomplete in Org-roam

But org-roam-server always displayed “How to to get [[Title of the target]] note working with inline autocomplete in Org-roam” (notice the square brackets around “Title of the target”).

I almost got crazy because in the browser clicking on this with preview showed an error in the preview and I was really mad. So I tried to delete the org-roam.db and rebuild it, but still the same.

I was almost starting to write a post in troubleshooting, but when copying the title from emacs to here, I found the double square brackets. :face_with_monocle:

So opening the file in another non Emacs editor showed the double square brackets. Removed them and achieved what I wanted to. So be careful, sometimes you don’t see what there really is. :grinning:

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