What is olp (OLP)

The org-roam manual uses the term olp (or OLP), especially in the template description, and also in the doc of the variable org-roam-capture-templates, but it doesn’t define what that is. Can that be added please, and also given here as an answer, as I have no idea what it is?

“Olp” is shorthand for “outline-path”. The term is inherited from org-capture, I believe.

Thanks for clearing that up. even in the org-mode manual it isn’t formally defined, but I found a vague reference to it:

 ‘(file+olp+datetree "filename" [ "Level 1 heading" ...])’
      This target(1) creates a heading in a date tree(2) for today’s
      date.  If the optional outline path is given, the tree will be
      built under the node it is pointing to, instead of at top
      level.  Check out the ‘:time-prompt’ and ‘:tree-type’
      properties below for additional options.

But just searching for ‘olp’ in the org-mode manual, I overlooked it because it is detached from it. I would suggest to make it clear in the manual. Shall I file a modification request?