The Org-roam v2 Great Migration

Yes!! I had done a little work on that myself, but I really didn’t have the background to make very fast progress beyond getting a basic graph working. Thanks @jethro!

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Thanks @gcoladon and @jethro for your efforts.

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When I try to click a link in the org-roam-graph, to get back to Emacs, I get this error:

Directory `//org-protocol:/' does not exist! Create it? (y or n) n

Is this a known problem or do I have something misconfigured?

As far as I could tell, this is/was happening because org-roam v2 doesn’t (require org-roam-protocol) anymore? If my hypothesis is correct, here’s a PR for that one-liner: Add a require for org-roam-protocol back in by gcoladon · Pull Request #1555 · org-roam/org-roam · GitHub

Normally I load it in the config.el (doom style) and works fine for me.

(use-package! org-roam-protocol)

Is this the only component of org-roam that needs to be use-package!ed independently? If so, is it because it depends on some other optional component of or-mode? org-protocol is installed by default, correct? Why not install org-roam-protocol by default as well?

It’s probably more useful to consider “install” separate from “load” or “require”.

Installing is just storing a file in your file system, and maybe tell Emacs where it is (e.g. with load-path). This does not tell Emacs to use it. To do so, you use require, load-file, load-library, etc.

For Doom, think of it in terms of the difference between package.el (install via straight and doom sync) and use-package! in config.el (load).

Org-protocol gets installed as part of Org but not loaded automatically. You will need to load org-protocol and org-roam-protocol (e.g. require them).


Thanks for your response @nobiot. Since I don’t do anything myself in Doom to load org-protocol (including anything like +protocol, I didn’t realize that it wasn’t always loaded. And now that you have me looking for it, I see the function +org-init-protocol-lazy-loader-h in Doom that loads org-protocol.

So I will try setting up org-roam-protocol to load after org-protocol is lazily loaded.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to migrate using the great wiki post made by @nobiot, but i hit some difficulties with doom.

Just to be sure, into init.el :

(org +roam)

Into package.el

(package! org-roam
  :recipe (:host github :repo "org-roam/org-roam" :branch "v2"))

(unpin! org-mode)
(unpin! org-roam)

Into config.el

(use-package! org-roam
  :after org
  (setq org-roam-directory (file-truename "~/Notes/2ndBrain/")
      org-roam-db-location (file-truename "~/Notes/org-roam.db")
      org-roam-link-title-format "%sº"
      org-roam-prefer-id-links t
      org-roam-index-file "")

After doom sync -u I have an error during emacs dooms load :

Error in private config: config.el, (wrong-number-of-arguments (0 . 0) 1)
Error (org-load-hook): Error running hook "+org-init-roam-maybe-h" because: (wrong-number-of-arguments (0 . 0) 1)

:sob: everything is broken now …

I suggest to remove +roam; it’s for v1.

Much better thanks, now i try to convert my old v1 file using one script…

I really like having interactive graphing capabilities such as org-roam-graph or the org-roam-server package. Do we know when these will be supported in org-roam v2? This is really holding me back from switching to it

Not a direct answer but you will see what’s happening: State of Org-roam v2 support · Issue #161 · org-roam/org-roam-server · GitHub and can track the status.

You could offer your help if you have skills and time to accelerate the process.

I would love to help with this project as I definitely have time, but sadly I doubt I have the skills to help. I am no programmer and the only elisp I know is what I have learned through configuring emacs (and thats probably the programming language I know the best sadly) so I would probably only detriment the process.

Thanks for the link, though. Can’t wait for this!

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By the way, the graph (not form the server) is supported now. See this screen shot in a comment in this other issue: org-roam is undergoing a major redesign, will this affect org-roam-server · Issue #135 · org-roam/org-roam-server · GitHub


An extra note for those interested in getting org-roam-server work with org-roam v2

State of Org-roam v2 support · Issue #161 · org-roam/org-roam-server · GitHub


Cool! So it’s going to be a new React app (is this an accurate way to characterise it?)?

Correct. A new React app backend by the server running inside Emacs (or at least that’s the plan).

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Thanks! Looking forward to it

Thanks again for all the work on roam.

I’ve finally gotten the migrate script to work on my 7k notes. It runs to completion.

Some questions:
1 - is there a template for a standard note + ID expectation that I can set up? (see example file, that doesn’t get picked up below)
2 - Is there a similar project to org-roam-server that might’ve taken off in the last 6 months?

#+title: qubit
#+HUGO_BASE_DIR: ../export/hugo
#+roam_alias: "qubits"
#+roam_tags: compsci

Quantum bit (short form of) - defined by [[][R:Benjamin Schumacher]]. A [[][R:qubit's]] [[][R:qubit state]] is represented as a vector.