Sqlite now in Emacs distribution

Not sure if you all saw this, but thought you might be interested. Looks like sqlite got added (optionally) to the emacs distribution emacs.git - Emacs source repository

I know that there’s been some talk in the past about migrating some of the db related features to org proper, in order for them to be taken advantage of in more than just roam. Seems like this might make that more of a possibility. At the very least, it might be even easier/simpler to install org-roam in the future.


Wow, I totally want to try this. Since it was added in the last week, is the only way to try this out to check out HEAD and build from source?

I was tempted to try just copying the lisp/sqllite-mode.el file into my local configuration, but I read in there that it depends on sqlite.c, which gave me the impression that wouldn’t work.

sqlite.c has been added to the dev branch of Emacs (for version 29, not the upcoming 28), if I’m reading this correctly.

I can’t assess how useful it will be for Org-roam – the foreign key switch needs to be turned on somehow, perhaps in the source code (?)