Small independent org roam instances

New org-roam user here, I was wondering if there’s a way to have small, independent org roam ‘instances’. I mainly intend to use them to:

  • Seperate public and personal notes, as I have notes that must not be shared publicly

  • Potentially have small project focused roam ‘instances’ as documentation

You can create multiple database instances/files.
See this section of the manual: 18.1 How do I have more than one Org-roam directory?

edit: PR has been merged. The official manual has correct examples.

A couple of comments for your usage:

  1. You can also use the “exclusion” to avoid exporting your private files (for this, you should probably look at your export engine – I don’t publish my notes. I hope others can jump in to comment; there are many people who use Hugo, etc.

  2. If you were to use dir-locals.el, be careful with your subdirectory. Apologies if this is stating the obvious for you – you would like to avoid the situation where your public directory contains your private directory as a subdirectory – the public instance would not exclude the private instance automatically

  3. “Remember to run org-roam-db-sync from a file within that directory” as the manual instructs – dir-locals.el changes the setting automatically, but this does not trigger DB creation/update automatically. I’d avoid creating many small instances for this reason; you’d need to somehow remember to do this for every instance…