(re)introducing org-roam-ql

Hey everyone. I had last posted about org-roam-ql while it was still early in development. I have entirely reimplemented it, which is also unavailable through melpa: GitHub - ahmed-shariff/org-roam-ql: Query language for org-roam

It allows one to query the database and view them in an org-roam-mode-like buffer or an org-agenda-like buffer. From these buffers, you also have to option to iteratively refine the results.



I am still working on it, there are a few more features I want to add. Looking forward to the communities feedback.


What is the difference between org-roam-ql and org-roam-ql-ql?

org-roam-ql-ql is an extension of org-roam-ql, which provides an integration with org-ql (GitHub - ahmed-shariff/org-roam-ql: Query language for org-roam)

Naming things is hard! :sweat_smile: