[orb] user-error: Template needs to specify ‘:target’

Hi there,

I am trying to get my setup working again after migrating to org-roam v2.

I am starting from scratch with ORB, and following the manual.

I am storing my template in a separate file, as described in Handling long templates, however when I run orb-insert-link, using the default template described in the manual, I get the error user-error: Template needs to specify ‘:target’.

My setup:

  • Doom v3.0.0-alpha
  • GNU Emacs 27.1

The error says your template is missing :target property. It replaces :if-new. :if-new still works. Check if you have it, if not add :target (or if-new). For detail, referr to documentation of Org-roam-capture-templates.

Many thanks, changing if-new to target fixed my error!

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@Wheest it seems that support for the old :if-new keyword has been dropped by ORB altogether. I’ve updated the ORB docs accordingly.