Not using view mode because the major mode is special

yeah, now GIMP is able to display the svg file!


One weird stuff I noticed on my graph: it lists connections to the web URLs that I collect under my file Why? I thought org-roam-graph would only build up the graph connections between the roam nodes with org-ID values?

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very easy to solve it too!

(setq org-roam-graph-link-hidden-types '("file" "http" "https")) ; don’t render http/https links

set this variable.

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Much much better. Thanks! Now I can see my graph on a sensible-sized canvas with no file:// nor http/s:// links cluttering it.

One question: I would expect your suggested setq modifications to be the default (especially the latest one that excludes the file:// and http:// links from the graph image building). But they aren’t. Should I add them to my init.el file as permanent changes?

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Yes, code executed on scratch buffer doesn’t persist when emacs is restarted.

Add your changes to the init file. Also if you use a web browser to render the graphs, you can click on them to open the respective nodes on your emacs to see them or make edits if you set up org-roam-protocol.

Do you have org-roam-protocol set up too?

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I have (require 'org-roam-protocol) line in my use-package declaration. So I guess that means yes. However, I never made use of it yet.

you also need to make a .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/ and make some system changes for it to take effect: set it up later, here are the instructions : Org-roam User Manual

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