Migrating to fresh install -- ivy-bibtex notes not finding orb entries

Hi everyone,

I recently migrated my config to a fresh install and have run into the following problem. I run orb in conjunction with ivy-bibtex. Normally when I look up an entry in ivy-bibtex I can generate a list of potential actions including looking at the Notes file associated with that entry. ORB normally manages these Notes files (they are org-roam files) and when I click on Note, it should take me to the note file. If there is no note file it will give me the option of creating one using an org-roam capture template. However, I have found that since migrating my config to a fresh install, every time I click on Note, ORB takes me directly to the capture template and never to the file that already exists. I can look up the notes through org-roam directly (by using org-roam-node-find). So the file is still there and available through other means. I am just not sure why ORB is not taking me to the right file and asking me to capture a new file instead.