Is there a workaround for Issue 1394- sidebar shows full content

The recent change in behavior of the side buffer has really thrown my workflow for a loop. Is there a workaround for this issue that anyone has found? roam-buffer shows full content of backlinks/reflinks · Issue #1934 · org-roam/org-roam · GitHub

If not, I will try to revert back to an older version, but I’m not sure how far back I will need to go. It was 2 weeks since I last updated.

Following Jethro’s comment for #1923, how about overriding the functions and revert the changes of this commit? fix(org-roam-db-map-links): Consider link in properties drawers by rdrg109 · Pull Request #1868 · org-roam/org-roam · GitHub

I’m stabbing in the dark; just an idea

Thanks for the suggestion. I overrode the two functions in that commit to match what they were before but when I try to sync the database I get an error that looks related. I don’t have time to troubleshoot this while on my lunch break, so I’ll look at it some more this evening. (about 5 hours after posting this message)

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Well, I’ve undone that one commit, but left everything else current. I can’t rebuild the database now, though. I don’t have the skill to immediately see what needs to be done to fix that and I don’t have the time to spend on this much longer, sadly. I might be able to try tomorrow, but this seems like it breaks org roam, though, right? Am I one of only a couple people seeing it?

I can’t reproduce the issue.

Maybe it’s related to doom’s +roam2 flag, if you use it?

  • Normal backlinks do not reference itself.
  • Reflinks reference themselves – issue?
  • Neither get the whole buffer content

See my screen shot below. The buffer on top has roam_refs for, and the side-window on the left shows the backlinks for it. The buffer at the bottom has a URL so the side-widow s showing it. As you can see, the side-window shows a self-reference and only the first paragraph, not the entire buffer content.

Looks like it is a problem of Reflinks only? Backlinks don’t have the same problem:

While I’ve been using this for a couple months now, I haven’t really dug into it enough to fully understand the difference between reflinks and backlinks. I added a screenshot of today’s behavior with some explanation of what I used to see to the ticket I linked in the original post.

A short write-up I did to explain reflinks a while back. It was for v1 but it should be still relevant—just replace ref_key (old term) with roam_refs. Hope it helps clarify its difference with backlinks.

Also the issue is now closed.

Solution: Downgrade Org mode to a stable version 9.5 from the bleeding edge commit that doom fetches.

That doesn’t solve the problem. I still see the same issue when I pin it to use org 9.5.

joe@jpeterso-mobl:~/.emacs.d/.local/straight/repos/org$ git log
commit 73875939a8b5545ac53a86ec467239f510d14de8 (HEAD, tag: release_9.5, replaced)

I will try to spend some more time tracking it down. You mentioned that you don’t see the issue from my screenshot. The text that says “This didn’t used to be here” used to not show up in the backlinks buffer. It only showed the one heading that had the link and the children to that heading. It sounds like it must be some interactions in doom.

I finally did get it working. Even though it showed the correct hash after a doom sync, it apparently wasn’t correct. After a doom upgrade, it now works. Thanks for the help! I greatly appreciate the time you spent helping with this.

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How did you pin org to that commit - can you add the pin to packages.el even though it’s a doom module?

Yes, you can pin it. In ~/.doom.d/packages.el add this:

(package! org :pin "73875939a8b5545ac53a86ec467239f510d14de8")