Importing notes from custom-made Zettelkasten

I am migrating from a custom-made ZK based on plain org-mode to org-roam.

My system used a single file with a heading per note. I have written some elisp to generate a file per note with the appropriate format for org-roam (properties drawer with id, file tags, title etc.).

As ID property, I use the org-id that already exists in each of my existing notes, since I need to preserve links between them.

With this files into the org-roam-directory, I run org-roam-db-sync and the db is created and it seems to contain the notes, at least (org-roam-list-files) returns the correct list).

However, org-roam-node-find and org-roam-node-insert do not propose the existing notes in the completion buffer.

This makes me think that the notes are not understood by org-roam.

Is there anything else to do when importing external notes?

Thanks four your help.

Hard to tell but you might like to review / edebug function org-roam-db-insert-file-node.

I found the problem. My property drawer contained tabs (\t) instead of spaces for the properties and that seems to cause trouble in the import process. Now everything is fine.

Maybe this should be documented or dealt with?

Thanks anyway for this great package.