How to list incomplete entries?

Hi all,

Are there any methods of listing incomplete entries? It could be based on any criteria, such as length, number of org-children, etc.

I tend to create links for later but forget to fill them during that session, and I want to spend some time afterward to do so, but I miss some of the entries, and I thought this would be a good approach. I’d appreciate any tips that could help with that.

One simple and effective method is what Jethro (Org-roam author) does. See section Every Zettel is a Draft until Declared Otherwise of How I Take Notes with Org-roam

Every node you add, you’d need to deliberately remove the draft tag. You can easily filter nodes by “#draft”.

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That’s good advice, thank you for the article! Is there any way to add that tag to my current 346 files? If not I’ll try to write a bash script or something.

For anyone else interested, I did this and it worked!

(dolist (f (org-roam-list-files))
        (find-file f)