How to have org-roam-dailies--capture with TIME and template with clock-in true be the same?

I am trying to make a function that allows me to select a time with (org-read-date) and org-roam-daily-capture based on that time. This function works well, but has one hiccup with org-clock-in. If I have a template that has a “:clock-in t” value, it will clock in at the current time, instead of the TIME inputted into org-roam-dailies–capture. How can I make it such that both of these values are the same?

(defun my/org-roam-daily-with-time-prompt (keys &rest _)
    (require 'org-roam-dailies)
    (let* ((thetime (org-read-date))
            (timestamp (org-encode-time (parse-time-string thetime))))
        (org-roam-dailies--capture timestamp nil keys)))

For example, if I set a time for tomorrow at 08:00, but it is currently today at 21:00. This will create a daily note for tomorrow, correctly adjusted to 08:00, but the clock-in will start at today at 21:00.
I would like to clock in at the set time, tomorrow at 08:00 as well.