Find Node - error 'Symbol's function is void: org-roam-node-tag'

Hi - have dabbled with org roam and want to make an effort to get to know V2. I have a few unconnected notes already from previous versions. Had everything set up, migrated and working earlier today.

I hit a problem where I wanted to create a new node/note using org-roam-node-find. I couldn’t create an entirely new node as the new node name had a word that matched an existing node - e.g. new node ‘foo’ the node list kept selecting a note with the tag ‘foo’ in it rather than creating new node named ‘foo’.

So I followed the answer in this post here and set (setq org-roam-node-display-template “${title} ${tag}”).

After this every time I attempt to create a new node I get the error in the title - Symbol's function is void: org-roam-node-tag

I took the line (setq org-roam-node-display-template "${title} ${tag}") out and I still get the error. I cleared the DB and used org-roam-db-sync to repopulate and I still get the error.

I removed the first note that was listed in the error out and cleared/synced the db to make sure it wasn’t something peculiar with one particular note. It then gave the same error on another note so I presume it’s a config issue?..

Debug shows:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-function org-roam-node-tag)
  org-roam-node-tag(#s(org-roam-node :file "/home/col/org/org-roam/daily/" :file-hash nil :file-atime (24876 63304 897628 447000) :file-mtime (24872 52689 0 0) :id "0aede3eb-98e3-40fe-a527-ad9e809225e8" :level 0 :point 1 :todo nil :priority nil :scheduled nil :deadline nil :title "2021-03-07" :properties (("CATEGORY" . "2021-03-07") ("ID" . "0aede3eb-98e3-40fe-a527-ad9e809225e8") ("BLOCKED" . "") ("FILE" . "/home/col/org/org-roam/daily/") ("PRIORITY" . "B")) :olp nil :tags nil :aliases nil :refs nil))
  #f(compiled-function (field default-val) #<bytecode 0x1558833bbe45>)("tag" nil)
  #f(compiled-function (md) #<bytecode 0x1558833bbe89>)("${tag}")
  replace-regexp-in-string("\\${\\([^}]+\\)}" #f(compiled-function (md) #<bytecode 0x1558833bbe89>) "${title:*} ${tag}" t t)
  org-roam-format-template("${title:*} ${tag}" #f(compiled-function (field default-val) #<bytecode 0x1558833bbe45>))
  org-roam-node-read--format-entry(#s(org-roam-node :file "/home/col/org/org-roam/daily/" :file-hash nil :file-atime (24876 63304 897628 447000) :file-mtime (24872 52689 0 0) :id "0aede3eb-98e3-40fe-a527-ad9e809225e8" :level 0 :point 1 :todo nil :priority nil :scheduled nil :deadline nil :title "2021-03-07" :properties (("CATEGORY" . "2021-03-07") ("ID" . "0aede3eb-98e3-40fe-a527-ad9e809225e8") ("BLOCKED" . "") ("FILE" . "/home/col/org/org-roam/daily/") ("PRIORITY" . "B")) :olp nil :tags nil :aliases nil :refs nil) 200)
  org-roam-node-read--to-candidate(#s(org-roam-node :file "/home/col/org/org-roam/daily/" :file-hash nil :file-atime (24876 63304 897628 447000) :file-mtime (24872 52689 0 0) :id "0aede3eb-98e3-40fe-a527-ad9e809225e8" :level 0 :point 1 :todo nil :priority nil :scheduled nil :deadline nil :title "2021-03-07" :properties (("CATEGORY" . "2021-03-07") ("ID" . "0aede3eb-98e3-40fe-a527-ad9e809225e8") ("BLOCKED" . "") ("FILE" . "/home/col/org/org-roam/daily/") ("PRIORITY" . "B")) :olp nil :tags nil :aliases nil :refs nil))
  mapcar(org-roam-node-read--to-candidate (... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...))
  org-roam-node-read(nil nil)
  call-interactively(org-roam-node-find nil nil)

I’m no lisp expert so having trouble resolving this - any help appreciated to get me back up and working!

“tag” should be “tags” — plural.
That should also be the default value of node-display-template.

Awesome - nice simple solution! Thanks.