Creating new files with roam-find vs roam-capture

When I call roam-find and enter a name that is not there roam creates a new file with a long string of numbers appended to the front of the name.
like this:

When I create a new file with org-roam-capture template it just names the file
whatever Title I give it without the numbers on the front.

Is my capture template wrong ?
Do the numbers need to be in the file name like that?

The file name is part of templates.

This part %<%Y%m%d%H%M%S>-${slug}.org generates the numbers in the file name (default below).

I don’t know how you customize this but I guess you use different templates between find and capture (???)

The numbers are a time stamp (yyyymmddhhmmss) by default and you don’t have to have it – it’s just a matter of customization and your preference.

("d" "default" plain "%?" :target
  (file+head "%<%Y%m%d%H%M%S>-${slug}.org" "#+title: ${title}
  :unnarrowed t)