Creating an org-roam capture from eww


I’ve switched over to disabling my X server often when I work. However, I still occassionally pull in an article from the web to my research. I’ve been using eww to do basic web browsing to keep X off. I have the org-protocol javascript bookmark suggested for Firefox when X is on, but is there a way to do something like that for eww? Basically open an org-roam capture file with the title and url prefilled for the page I’m looking at in eww? I figure there is because I’m in emacs, I just don’t know how.


It looks like you don’t need org-roam-protocol for this, you just need to require org-eww, and have a org-roam capture template that uses the stored eww URL. Haven’t tested this as I’m on my phone, but should work as with ordinary org-capture.