Combine Org-brain and Org-roam together

I have some structure notes before the born of org-roam. I often
search for some ideas in org-brain even though I now mostly in
org-roam. I somehow found a way to combine the search result from
org-brain and org-roam.

One thing about this combination is that I can take advantage of the
headline support from org-brain. This is not possible for current
org-roam. I cannot use org-roam-find-file to see the headline
information in any org-roam buffer.

With this combo, I can write down structure notes directly into
org-brain, which can reduce the number of files for org-roam in long

Here’s the code snippet. What’s your thoughts?

    (defvar helm-source-org-roam
      (helm-make-source "Org-roam" 'helm-source-sync
        :candidates (mapcar #'car (org-roam--get-title-path-completions))
        :action (lambda (candidate)
                 (org-roam-find-file candidate nil nil t))))

    (require 'org-brain)
    (defvar helm-source-org-brain
      (helm-make-source "Org-brain" 'helm-source-sync
        :candidates (org-brain--all-targets)
        :action 'helm-brain--actions))

    (defun wr/idea ()
      (helm :sources '(helm-source-org-roam

[editted on 2020-11-06]:

When I reply to this post: Links with Org-IDs are not showing up in backlinks

I find that the title of the linked headline is shown in my searching candidates. It seems that the current version of roam is fully supporting headline using org-id.

[editted on 2020-11-06 2nd revision]

No, headline info is still not available to the search query.

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Absolutely agree.
Because the main idea behind programs like org-roam is to help your brain in learning.
WIthout proper visualization help even of such strong tool is org-roam, in fact, very small (in solving complex tasks)

Thus for me more useful this normie tool (creator of org-brain was inspired by it)