Cannot create new files in org-roam after installing orderless, selectrum, prescient, and consult

Before I installed orderless, selectrum, prescient, and consult on my system creating a new file in org-roam was trivial. I would invoke `org-roam-find-file’ and type in a unique file name and I would be met with the default template. Now, however, it seems that any file name I type in is treated as a match and some random file is opened. Any way of obviating this problem?

I haven’t been using OR much lately, but I have been using selectrum et al, and so just tested this.

FWIW, I don’t see the problem you see; it works as expected for me. I’m also using the same packages as you.

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From the Selectrum User guide

  • To submit what you’ve typed, even if it’s not a candidate: you can use <up> or C-p to select the user input just like a regular candidate, and type RET as usual. (Alternatively, you can type C-j to submit your exact input without selecting it first.
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I had a similar experience with opening files when using Orderless for filtering. (define-key map (kbd "<tab>") #'minibuffer-force-complete)and remembering to hit tab before enter worked for me. I was not using Selectrum though, so maybe that doesn’t work or there are better solutions available. It’s tricky (at least it was for me) to get Orderless’s completion styles set up to work the way I wanted.

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