Reuse date prompts values in a capture templates

I had asked about this date prompt issue as a separate question on stackexchange, and just received an interesting answer.

According to a user whowas able to review the org-capture code, the %\N mechanism is only designed to work with string prompts; not properties, dates or any other type of prompts.

@akashp I am giving you the heads up so you do not waste too much time on this. As it was suggested to me I have subscribed to the org-mode mailing list to submit a resquest feature, but I am afraid it might take a while as my subscription request is still under review.

I think I will try to find a workaround like using a variable/function to achieve this result. This was actually the topic of my first question here, but I could not make it work in spite of all Nobiot’s efforts to help me out, and I settled then for the %\N solution which was good enough for me at the time since I was dealing with string prompts exclusively.

Thanks again for helping out, I appreciate it.