Automated testing for extensions of org roam

I’m currently working an an extension for org-roam, which is basically a vamped up interface to search for org roam pages according to different criteria. It uses extensively SQL queries, and I have written some wrapper functions to access the data. Now I would like to have some automated tests which make sure that these functions work properly. Looking at the github repo, I see that the tests for the DB are x-ed out. So I’m wondering what is the best way to write a test. I mean I could create a whole new temporary database and then access it for the tests, but that would introduce quite some unknown dependencies (the functions I use to populate them, for example). So I thought it might be a good idea to provide a “test database” which can be integrated in one’s testing mechanisms. Ideally, that database would have to be part of the github distribution, of course. This database then should be populated with a well defined data so that I can run any tests on it I like. Any ideas on that?